Hard of Hearing and Deaf – Sarah

Excerpt: “My name is Sarah, I’m 20 years old. I’m from Connecticut and I was born Deaf. I’m a third year at Northeastern University. I’m studying Human Services and I’m getting a minor in Sociology.

I know I want to work with children and I want to help kids who have disabilities to grow up and do anything they want to do…”

Mobility Impaired – Shari

Excerpt: “When I was seventeen years old they found a tumor on my pancreas called insulinoma.

They removed that tumor, but it had already spread to and attacked my liver which is why I needed my first liver transplant.

And then my body rejected that liver…”

Learning and Developmental Disorders – Ian

Excerpt: “It was something my parents recommended was good for me. Karate was kind of a trendy thing in the 90s, So I was happy to hop on board. A lot of my friends were doing it. After a few years they dropped out and I kept on going. Being a young kid with Aspergers, I didn’t pick up on nuances as easily as everybody else. It was hard sometimes to just push myself to keep going at it. But, yeah, I think at the end of the day I really knew that I was capable of doing this.”

Vision Impaired – Carey

Excerpt: “When I was five years old the apartment, we’d been living in an apartment and it burned down. It was, you know, the middle of the night, so I had been asleep. I think I woke up…shortly before the smoke alarms had gone off. I remember hearing my Mom scream to my Dad, “There’s a fire get the kids!” I’d never heard my mom scream like that before. And, after she screamed, my Dad, I remember him running into my room to get me….”

Training the Trainers: Guide to Teaching Fire Safety

In addition to the above videos, the Minger Foundation has prepared a Guide to Teaching Fire Safety to Students with Disabilities (PDF, 885 KB). This Guide is the work product of a team of fire safety and disabilities experts and is designed to help the fire safety educator who is experienced in teaching fire safety but may need some guidance when working with an audience of students with disabilities.