Transcript of Ian’s Video

It was something my parents recommended was good for me. Karate was kind of a trendy thing in the 90s, So I was happy to hop on board. A lot of my friends were doing it. After a few years they dropped out and I kept on going. Being a young kid with Aspergers, I didn’t pick up on nuances as easily as everybody else. It was hard sometimes to just push myself to keep going at it. But, yeah, I think at the end of the day I really knew that I was capable of doing this.

People with Aspergers aren’t usually very coordinated. Noticed I’ve felt stronger…been better balanced. When I got older, more mature, it helped me cause it was a safe environment for me to just vent aggression. Now that I’m in college I need to improve and ensure other aspects of my life. One of which is fire safety.

There’s a lot to know and these are just a few things. Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires across the nation. When I cook I make sure not to wear any loose clothing like a sweater, or leave any combustible items near the stove. I also know never to leave what I’m cooking alone and always stay in the room with it. If there’s a grease fire I know never to put water on it because it will expand and explode. Instead, I put a lid on it.

Another thing to know about fire safety are the things that keep me safe, like smoke alarms and fire sprinklers. Always make sure to have working fire safety equipment, like a smoke or fire alarm. Just to make sure it’s working, test it. If you avoid testing it because the noise bothers you have a friend or roommate test it with you.

If you can, live with a fire sprinkler. Automatic fire sprinklers put out fires, save lives and give you time to exit the building. If there is a fire I know how important it is to make sure I can get out of the building. The first thing I have to do is remain calm. Knowing what to do and practicing it is the best way to help me stay calm. Making a list and putting it by your exits might help you remember what to do.

No matter where I am at home, school, a restaurant or a movie theater, I always know two exits in case one is blocked by a trash can, bike, or even a fire. Fire officials or someone from the fire department are a great resource to learn about fire safety.

Remember, fire safety is part of living.