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The Minger Foundation has prepared a Guide to Teaching Fire Safety to Students with Disabilities (PDF, 885 KB). This Guide is the work product of a team of fire safety and disabilities experts and is designed to help the fire safety educator who is experienced in teaching fire safety but may need some guidance when working with an audience of students with disabilities. Accompanying this guide are a series of videos focusing on four disabilities:

Each video covers four fire safety topics that national campus fire safety experts identified as areas of need, including:

  • Cooking
  • Egress
  • Smoke alarms
  • Automatic fire sprinklers

The videos feature students with disabilities reaching out to their peers. They are, by design, brief, intended for today’s YouTube generation. We realize they only scratch the surface when it comes to fire safety and hopefully there will be future projects that can cover other topics in more depth.

Along with these four fire safety videos is a Train-the-Trainer video where the four students talk about how to best teach them fire safety along with a fire captain whose son is on the
autism spectrum.

In addition to the Guide and these four videos is a wealth of research information that the Foundation has found. This library will continue to grow so you are encouraged to check back often.