9 Fires Documentary

In early 2012, a series of campus-related fires occurred across the nation in a very short period of time. Individually, these fires were significant and, in some cases, tragic. Collectively, they paint a picture of the fires happening at campuses from Massachusetts to Oregon that needed to be told.

This documentary will follow what happened after these 9 fires and features interviews with the survivors, the families, the schools, the fire department. This documentary tells “the rest of the story” which so often is not heard.

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RA Fire Safety Project

The Minger Foundation has created an RA Guide to Teaching Fire Safety, series of posters, and videos that you can use in helping to teach fire safety to the students on your floors.

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Disability Fire Safety Project

The Minger Foundation is putting together a series of short videos, developing online guidance and other materials focusing on how to teach fire safety to students that are hard-of-hearing, vision impaired, mobility impaired or have learning disabilities.

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University of the Cumberlands Building Project

On the campus of the University of the Cumberlands, the Michael H. Minger Memorial Foundation is preparing to embark on a very special project — a dream that Gail Minger has had since the death of her son, Michael.

The project is the construction of a model dorm that will feature newer technology and safety equipment that will enhance the living conditions for all students, especially students with disabilities.

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Community Service Project

In June 2010, the Minger Foundation was awarded a $67,000 Fire Prevention and Safety Grant by the Department of Homeland Security to create a campus fire safety community service program for September 2010.

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Legislative Projects

The Minger Foundation has been highly active in the development of new laws to help protect student with disabilities. Some of our successful legislative accomplishments are highlighted below. Make a donation today to help support our important legislative work!

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