Media Contact: Mike Rupert,

September 22, 2011
For Immediate Release:

Thirteen years to the day after Michael Minger was laid to rest after being killed in an arson fire at Murray State University, a grand jury has returned 17 indictments against Jerry Walker, now 35, who has turned himself into the Kentucky State Police on Thursday.

Statement from Michael’s mother Gail Minger on arrest:

“This is such an incredible day not only for me, but for all of those other students and fire fighters that were injured in this fire. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate the Kentucky State Police, the state’s Office of the Attorney General and investigators – some of which kept on the case after retirement – for continuing to pursue this case

“Michael had a learning disability that impacted his ability to escape from the fire. Since that time we have worked to improve safety on campuses, everywhere. We want to be sure young people, like the young man arrested today, understand the dangers of fire and do not put others lives in danger.”

Following the fire in 1998, Mrs. Minger formed the Michael H. Minger Foundation to help raise awareness about fire safety on campuses across the nation, especially for students with disabilities. The Minger Foundation, just last week, launched a series of videos and a training guide to assist fire safety educators in delivering fire safety education to students with disabilities.