gail head shotThis academic year has been scarred once again, with multiple campus-related fires, injuries and death.

Every chance we get, with our neighbors, our friends, our children’s friends that come by the house to hang out, our families who are over for a barbeque, anyone we can share fire safety messaging with, we must. Our children are going off to college and parents are still getting the horrific phone call telling them their child has been injured or killed in a fire. We must engage everyone in making good choices for on and off campus housing. We must continue to educate and raise our level of awareness to know what to look for.

First of all, the knowledge of how to prevent fires, and then, in case one breaks out…do you have two ways out, or is your only exit into harm’s way? Are you protected by technology that will let you know about the fire, such as a fire alarm system or smoke alarms? Are you protected by systems that will put out the fire, such as a fire sprinkler? These are important things for everyone to know, students and parents.

The Minger Foundation has some wonderful, exciting projects on the horizon, such as building the Amadeus House, a new documentary, and continuation of our National Campus Fire Safety Community Service Project.  You can read more about the Amadeus House in this newsletter and we’ll have information on our other projects in future ones as well on our web site and Facebook page (you are following us, right?).

We are looking forward to growing our mission’s work of fire safe campuses and communities, and we cannot rest until we tackle the serious problem of raising the level of knowledge and understanding about the catastrophic result of not knowing a simple message; Always, no matter where you are, Have Two Ways Out.  Know where your exits are and make sure they are accessible at all times.

Sadly, there are new families now mourning the death of their children because they had nowhere to go but right into the fire…a bright Sunday morning, a delightful, intelligent young woman, a college student, a senior, soon to graduate with her future at her fingertips…Gone.

Our work continues.